valentino gigolò escort boy

Gigolo, escort-boy based in Milan, with the right notice I can move throughout Italy.
Don´t hesitate to contact me, even if you have any doubts or questions (which is normal after all), I will be happy to answer you.
I can accompany you to ceremonies, to the theater, to gala dinners, special events or simply to a dinner and an after-dinner party full of pleasure.

Something of me

Hello let me start by offering you a warm welcome to my official website

I am a Gigolo based in Milan, reliable, friendly and sensual.
I make my knowledge as a Sexual Trainer available to resolve doubts and insecurities in the sexual sphere.
Let your body lose control, cultivate the garden of senses and fantasies...
Give yourself a moment of pleasure, just for you!

True complicit sensuality feeds on freedom.
I will take you to listen to your feelings.
I will make you discover the unknown part that is within you.

Or I can simply be your Speed Gigolo for a hit-and-run sex encounter.
I am available for any need, armed with a wardrobe for all requests, classic/elegant or casual, but always refined and elegant, appropriate for any occasion.

My Philosophy

- Elegant, classic but very comfortable in casual
- Never tacky (no mismatched socks or cheap shoes that ruin everything!)
- Well-groomed face and hands
- Impeccable hygiene
- No piercings
- No tattoos
- Able to follow and conduct all types of conversations
- Perfectly aware of the rules of good manners and correctness
- Focused on your pleasure and satisfaction
- No taboos, except pain and lack of respect
- Total discretion
- I have to identify your needs, your desires, respond to them and enter your fantasy
- I have only one goal: to leave you radiant, your body still anchored to pleasure, surfing on the dazzling wave of what you will have discovered



I can accompany you to ceremonies, to the theatre, to gala dinners, special events or simply to a dinner and a ...


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I make my knowledge of Sexual Trainer available to solve doubts and insecurities in the sexual sphere. ...

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