Bondage massage

Duration 60 min. - Contribution 200 euros
Inspired by BDSM techniques, Bondage massage has its origins in Japan, but for many years it has also developed in northern European countries, such as Germany, the Czech Republic, England and France; the person receiving the massage is blindfolded and tied with ropes for the hands and feet, this form of constriction helps the person to abandon himself totally and consequently to release the accumulated tension.

The massage is performed on the whole body, initially in a gentle way with the use of feathers and later in a more energetic way with the use of whips and metal objects; once the personĀ“s body has completely relaxed, with the use of hot oil an energy massage begins, starting from the legs, continuing up the back and buttocks, the massage continues with stimulation of the anus, both external and internal, going to stimulate the Prostate, bringing a great psychophysical benefit to the person who receives it.

Once you have finished massaging the back of the body, the person is turned and tied again by the hands and feet, at this point the massage continues first with the use of whips and then with the hands.

The pleasure you feel is very intense, the muscles contract, breathing increases and the body tied by the ropes amplifies the intensity of the maneuvers. This massage is a sensual and energetic ritual, the elements of BDSM practices are used only in a light form, it is a massage that can be practiced for everyone, and recommended for those who want to approach the world of BDSM in a light and sensual way.

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